Wednesday, November 17, 2010


suicide is non-compliant with Immigration department procedures. Suicide will have no effect on your application for asylum

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hairshirt Harry returns

The Manly Satyr is a flesh and blood beast with an Oxford boxing blue. His sharp little hoofprints leave clear evidence of which delicate organism he has recently trampled

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

do as we say or we'll kill you

Hilary Clinton(Secretary of State) and Robert Gates(Pentagon secretary) came to Australia to tell us our instructions.
Editorials shall dutifully intone that China is not a responsible stakeholder. America's policy of printing money to pay for imports is, of course. If China were to nuke a defeated foe, would that make it responsible?

is it a bird?, is it a plane?, or is it an ICBM
painting a 100 mile high hologram of (Bush's and Obama's)Defense Secretary
Robert Gates in the sky above some empire in the east?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010



forms in space

forms in space

Unfinished Business

One of the first things the newly elected PM Kevin Rudd did was to apologize for misconduct to all the native people of Australia, and assure us citizens (electorate) that it - primarily - would be the policy of the Labor government to reinstate Native People to their proper status as Australian citizens.

Nothing in this direction has happened since. Instead of withdrawing the troops,  Mr Rudd expanded their mission As a result of the Sorry speech, the practice in the field was to send army, police, private securities, Job Networks and then medical staff followed and supported by psychiatrists, prescription drugs, and strict rules for alcohol consumption, public assembly and parenting, with money handling controlled by the government trustees.

All those humiliating methods, which have been proven by now to crash down personalities, destroy lives, careers, families, and promote apathy and degradation.

The unfinished business talks about the old problem in a contemporary perspective

Unfinished business

silent observers

silent observers

with a little bit of help from my friends

with a little bit of help from my friends



Alt. Seeding

Alt. Seeding

time is running down

time is running down



sonar disturbances

sonar disturbances

blues nights

blues nights

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Goddess Smile

Newtown Square

The heart of Newtown (Sydney)

Artwork for sale

John O'Driscoll
Mcveigh – the oklahoma bomber$800.00oil on board1996
Newtown Square $350.00oil on canvas2010
ambush marketing$400.00oil on canvas2002
big balls 1$400.00oil on canvas2009
Mt Rushmine: proposal for PM portraits at Olympic Dam$500.00oil on canvas2010
Spring St$800.00oil on canvas2007-10
big balls 2$1,500.00  oil on canvas2010
Vasili Papageorgiou
egg of the snake$600

with a little bit of help from my friends  $$$500
Phallus implosion$$$450
marbles by night$$$300
Goddess' smile$$$120
blues nights$$$150
Haggis$$$  80
Sonar disturbances$$$  90
Time is running down$$$150
Alt. Seeding$$$150
silent observers$$$333
unfinished business$$$150
forms in space$$$ 


Prints signed by the artist are available of all images from the exhibition (including those that are posted only on this webpage). Colour images are $20 AUD and black and white are $10 AUD. Add $7 for Australian and $12 for international postage They will be printed from higher resolution files than those displayed here. At present there is no automated method for purchase, you should either visit the physical exhibition, or send a private message on facebook to Johno (!/profile.php?id=1486929638 ), or leave a comment here.

Friday, November 5, 2010

ambush marketing

Mitsubishi ambushed the Sydney Olympics

After Arab fanatics dialed the American emergency services number(!),
spooks and war-mongers and security freaks,
with their hoodwinked dupes including religious zealots 
and end-of-the-world millenarians, 
ambushed the following decade,
guaranteeing the US decline they fear


The western civilization prides itself to have as ancestor the not so ancient hellenic one of the 4-5th century BC.
It was then,the golden century when the foolmoon was shining bright over democracy.
But the century was really no more than 75yrs and what happened to democracy, we don't wanna know.
No dream lasts for ever
No full moon either.
From the great hellenic miracle some scarce marbles remain as reminders of old
architectonic glories,portent for our own to.
May the calmness of the sea's blue and the wisdom of goddess Athena in her form
of the owl, to shine like guiding stars over the journey of our current demokratic expressions.


xndraw is a program to draw tileable shapes and wallpapers written by John O'Driscoll. It is written with free opensource tools, and is intended to be made freely available, and modifiable.

I wrote it to visualise tileable images, after seeing ceramics by Guy Crossley, as I couldn't see how to come up with new patterns without a drawing aid

Currently it's a fun toy. It could be a lot better at reproducability , have more patterns, robustness, the list goes on

eye of the snake

Liken to an egg in anticipation of the right temperature to hatch, the old fascistic ideas of racial superiority, social engineering, war-mongering, military establishments, demoralisation and povertisation of the masses for control etc, were always present hidden or not, between the party system or even elected governments of democratic countries. For the last 50 years, extreme ideas were isolated and democracy, we thought, would insulate us from them.

At the end of the day, we could solve all the problems with a debate.
OK, this before 9-11, now we had an excuse to forget all those democratic niceties and let our reptilian brain take over again.

Quick;y we chose a small convenient enemy for a scapegoat and the order was given for all the aspiring empires, small and big, to claim their piece of the pie and constrict the world on a cold reptilian way.

The door is open.

Fascism lurks on our every step. The egg of the snake is cracking.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who farted in international relations?

Hilary Clinton sells US foreign policy as the voice of liberty in the world. The US military refuse to provide a plan that doesn't require them to remain in Afghanistan at least 10 years, though they don't say what they really hope to achieve. Hilary Clinton(seen here with Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov) supports this stance in Washington

Hilary is coming to Australia this week to confer with Julia(since we're all on first name basis now), and keep her and us in line in this, and in all the antidemocratic domestic policy it implies

Anyway, Obama can't control his generals, and they openly express their contempt

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Lady of Chemical Chains

We know what's best for you - whimpering at the ring of a bell.

I saw a sticker recently, with a very official looking coat of arms.

"Fear - a Federal Government Initiative".

Fearful and helpless people, very handy in a time of environmental crisis. Over uncertainty, we prefer catastrophe, with the pretense of control. Imagination might expose the nakedness of the passive stone Easter island heads who pretend to rule.

Instead, occupy, and rot, your mind with the senile ruminations of Rupert Murdoch. For example, according to 2 op-ed pieces in the Australian, The Chilean mine rescue
      (a) illustrates how these miners would be dead without 'market forces' (because they were saved by a capitalist drill!)
       (b) debunks evolution and 'Darwinism' (miners competing to exit last is an example of 'altruism', which, apparently, is not allowed under evolution ).

You could call this guff a comic book for children, except that kids would roll their eyes. Only adults could 'have faith' in this stuff.                       

Monday, November 1, 2010

relics for sale

Meat Australia.



If you look closely you can see Mary  MacKillop and all the brown Joeys

All in the Name of Liberty

we are here today to rearrange our world.

The old one is rotten.

 The new one, under construction.

The silent observers, heroes of a distant past,

they cannot do much,except of watching silently and hoping ,

we succeed , not to blow away our last chances for further survival

  The native civilizations , the few who survived genocides ,

exterminations , and assimilations , are there to give us insight ,

about survival on planet earth as well as advice to our

existential problems .

The all seeing eye , will eventually disperse the right energy and we 
will create what is better for us.!
The resulting feelings are all our own . 

big balls

the title of the the show comes from a line in the ACDC song 'jailbreak', which had a great clip, with Bon (and Angus?) "breakin' rocks on the chain gang", with the rest of the bands as guards, toting and firing gun/guitars . The outfits were convict era pastiche.

We seem to have returned to those convict days. Society now is like an open prison for anyone without the keys to the system. Behaviour is more minutely policed now than it ever was then, though the rum corps would find that some things have only changed to remain  the same.

Here's ACDC  (again!): rehearsing

this painting will still undergo a few changes(ie not finished)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

fresh blood

see these ancient foes 
close ranks together 
receiving the innocents, or something ...

The pope and the royals

  wonder  how Big Mal
Prince Phillip get along? The easter island head 
and the reactionary jokester out
looking for fresh blood ...

How much does a sainthood cost? Weird to see the media salivating over a canonisation. Watch  out, you can be recruited by the right even after death.
The pope was in England actively seeking reactionary Anglicans who can't abide female priests, and made John Newman (Anglican convert Archbishop) a saint to aid his task, just before the whole Mackillop  thing here

Thursday, October 28, 2010

rushmore updated

Life wasn't meant to be easy!

For this profound observation, Big Mal gets buried deep in the below ground Mt Rushmore at Olympic Dam? A drive-through restaurant called Razor Frazers gets the public in. Earle Page's longdrop dunny services calls of nature with a hint of regional charm

Spring Street - defenders of liberty?

The view from the houses of Parliament. The 'Paris end' of town. As against the 'arse end of the universe' end(that would be the Spencer St monstrosity - you could hold a competition, to guess how many more internal pillars Southern Cross has than any one of Brunel's great English railway stations: hint - Brunel's have none. Possibly the architect's bonus was calculated on the basis of this count).

Spring St is where such idiocies are hatched

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to join the ALP

Radical Brain Surgery (remove speech and thought centres, blunt sense of smell)

dictating your options

Department of Social Insecurity, or is that Department of Social Exclusion.

Centrelink, the padlock chaining you to a doomed and out of control machine.

I have learned that the dole is not for artists. It does not matter how many paintings you have created, how many you've sold, how many shows, or fans. You could have an exhibition the pope (urgh!) was attending, but if you have an interview scheduled with some dullard, or worse, at the 'Job Network', you'd better attend so they can suggest telemarketing 'work', no matter how unsuitable you are for cold-calling people during dinner to tell them lies. Attending, the more shit-faced the better, is compliant. Visiting a sick relative, or even seeking work, is not.

A successful artist creates an econamic engine that goes for centuries. People are still trading Rembrandts, centuries after he was given a pauper's funeral. Vincent van Gogh sold 2 artworks in his lifetime. Yet today he is one of the leading contributors to the Belgian economy. Of course he was driven mad with despair in his lifetime, and took his own life, which. as speculators like to joke, was a good career move.

In order to make things interesting the Salvation Army cut me(Johno) off the dole for 8 weeks  as preparations for this exhibition gathered steam. I never did like them, but for any Salvo who importunes me at the pub, or whatever: I owe them an earful. I return your propaganda with usurious interest. No doubt they got a handy bribe for this public service. The only assistance these people have given me is ... cutting me off. This is supposed to make me 'compliant'. Well, I'll comply with my heart, my mind, my community, not with second-rate bureaucratic fascism. They've done me a favour. It disgusts me to see all this corporate welfare paid in my name.

And what a public service it is! The Australian Lawyer Party would prefer we all committed suicide. Or put on a monkey suit and disappear, like Garrett. This sort of thing is another none-too-subtle hint. One monopoly propagandist is quite enough artist for this planet. As for the audience, let them watch televised sport and learn to be grateful.

The whole idea of the so-called Job Network is to demoralise its victims. It's a propaganda shop. Its employees are paid to believe the line. And of course to punish anyone who comes in the door. Give up all your ideas and ambitions, since they're clearly shit, debase yourself and become like us. Both workers(No one who had any prospects would work in the Job Network, surely) and beneficiaries provide an example to the others: this will happen to you if you buck the system.

It's time we all stopped wearing this garbage.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Systems come and go through the ripples of time.

The super inflated phallocratic establishment whose core,
the different fascistoid-isms (!),
are attached and aligned with the Atlantean spirit of social design,
(signet of Atlantis),
is now deflating.

It melts in the centre of our times-vortex
to find other other expressions
while the Aquarian waters are rushing in to wash the truth clean

eye of snake

eye of the snake

image by vas

Troubles uploading from Vas' place - no vodafone coverage in his flat

Friday, October 22, 2010

Conjuror of CO2

Marius Kloppers' 2-bobs worth on climate: BHP generated emissions are qualitatively different from those from other sources (because they have cornered the coking [ie steelmaking] coal market): so BHP's should not be taxed, or included in targets. Let the peasants pay.

Isn't it about time a law was passed explicitly excluding new CO2 emissions from compensation arrangements, from today onwards? Corporations will otherwise build coal power stations etc to get their nose in the compo trough. That's if any compensation is to be given at all to CO2 emitters who must close down, or change. I think it shouldn't: this whole cap-and trade business has been designed to guarantee profits to the corporates, while shifting all the costs onto the public. So much for the 'free market'.

the so-called leaders should get out their WW2 histories and see how fascism was defeated by empowering the common people. But of course the agenda is precisely the opposite: dismantle what little remains of the post-WW2 welfare state, and create Hitler Youth style arrngements so commoners can inform on each other, the new stolen generation, the Australian Lawyer Party combining with the libs to expunge the whole concept of Social Security from government, replaced with Centelink and chemical and financial chains

senility in a corporate jet ...


is still senility.

Meanwhile, the rabid dogs charged with editing compete in creating the stupidest outrage they can imagine

Underground Mt Rushmore - Gillard

What more fitting way to immortalize our PMs than to carve their heads in waste rock in some mega open-cut mining pit? Even more appropriate for Julia Gillard, seeing how she was appointed by BHP CEO Marius Kloppers

this is the underpainting - watch out for a finished version, or come to the exhibition

(image by Johno)

Paranoid conspiracies - the Oklahoma Bomber

Tim McVeigh - the Oklahoma bomber - from inside the prism of some - fictional - black ops software (note the mac system 8 interface)

a painting from 1996, still relevant today: engineering a power grab - the secret police or deep state tactic of using, and perhaps creating, events is not new, doesn't date from the day al Qaeda dialed 911, if you can believe they would independently choose the US emergency number as the 'significant date' of their attack. My view is that the spies and al-Qaeda effectively form an alliance against the rest of us, turning 'western' and 'Islamic' worlds into armed camps under emergency law. Naturally the spies and 'deep state' are needed to run the show.

The war in Afghanistan has, on the face of it, no coherent strategy, and is 'impossible to win', and yet the military have their heart set on staying there for another 10 years or more. Why? When viewed as a creeping takeover(with 6 monthly expansions of security law) of their own society it makes a bit more sense.

The Oklahoma bombing was another outrage where the publicly disseminated story didn't completely add up -who was the 'guy in the hoody' seen nearby - , and which was followed by clamour for expanded security powers

(image by Johno)

Friday, October 15, 2010



(image by Vas)

Bon balls

AC-DC rehearsing

I [Johno] painted a couple of portraits of Bon Scott over the last couple of years as commissions, and I found this great old instamatic snap on the web, and used that as the basis for this. In fact I'm painting a larger one now

(image by Johno)

hairshirt harry

Hairshirt Harry, advisor to virgins and satyr in the spirit of Julian Ashton,
who must have known the same beaches

in the name of liberty of information and hair, and even if its something you don't want to know, he did put it out there - its all his own

(image by Johno)

Exhibition Announcement


Vasili Papageorgiou and John O'Driscoll invite you to an exhibition of painting and drawing opening with refreshments at Fitzroy Gallery , 274 Fitzroy St, Fitzroy, at 6pm on Saturday November 6


Liberty in Danger

2001, the towers on fire, Tim McVeigh - the Oklahoma Bomber - by remote control
Australia's Mt Rushmore: In an open-cut mine,PM's heads carved in waste-rock,  by order of the conjurer of CO2, Marius Kloppers

Liberty in Danger

Bon Scott rehearsing, channelling fire

'Choice': choosing a brand, of car, of job, of political ideology (in any colour, provided it is grey): we repudiate brands.

the free market cartel. Your common or garden corporate criminal has cornered the market, in cardboard boxes, groceries, you name the sector. Superprofits are available when your industry is illegal or hidden: the drug trade, 'white slavers', the arms dealers

Democracy degenerates toward fascism(US, Iranian, Israeli … Australian?) The plumage may vary but the death machine trundles on. Palestinians learnt what happens when you make the wrong choice. Death rained upon them to mark Obama's inauguration. Oh, bummer.

You, we, have the freedom to comply. Fail to utilise your Freedom, and Freedom will be imposed upon you

9-11 reenergised the forces suppressing the truth. Truth is war's first casualty. Suppression of the Truth, of information and liberties became the norm. Diseducation systems were enhanced. Technician good(building Hellfire missiles, cooking Freedom Fries), philosopher bad(thinking before acting, contemplation, 'wisdom', kindness and respect). The philosopher 'contributes nothing to society'.

The resulting economic crisis promotes more suppression. Europe sees 'austerity measures' for the common people to 'refinsnce the banks'. Here the balloon still has air going in

Crisis in all its forms: the solution being imposed is a corporate bureaucratic police state to disempower those it both claims to protect and fills with fear/paranoia. Imposed top-down without room for innovation. Companies win state support by buying and selling propaganda. (Eg the extra obvious examples like the 'Job Network' = corporations and churches on the dole. Buprenorphine = Glaxo Smith Klein on the dole.) The climate change emergency cannot be addressed by top-down measures with cosy provisions for special interests. The people must be empowered.

We demand the right to make our own future as members of a community, and reject corporatist attempts of the state to chain us, as atomized and helpless individualists, to an out of control machine careering to destruction. For example, we repudiate the use of the desal plant (corruptly underwritten with CFMEU members super, making their futures dependent on a white elephant) to lock in Yallourn and Hazelwood power stations for decades, with pretend renewable energy offsets as a fig leaf

We fear losing our hard won liberty: freedom of association, freedom of thought. All the same, we plan on having a good time, doing a good show.