Monday, June 16, 2014

Planets and Quasars for the Record Crate

I've painting an outer space montage on the roof at the Record Crate

Here's the finished painting. 

Galaxies and quasars

Thanks to the wonderful Grace Woods for her help. She painted a lot of the ground, as well as the individual stars

Pictures from its creation follow below

No quasars yet, but those flaring lights stand in for now

Spaceground at the Record Crate ;)
Sorry about the crappy photo. I may get a  better one before I paint it over

spacy! the test painting

a rough layout, though I forgot about the deathstar-like fitting at one end.

As it's a ceiling, if you're standing under, bottom of image is in front


the most recent version of the test

This is the beginning of a test painting - the grey for the colour of the existing paint job, and the red to see if the ground needs underpainting, and maybe it does(bummer)

Two nudes

Neither painting is finished yet, I'll post updates when I have done some more,

and there's a bit of a cast to the colour, the photos taken in very blue afternoon shadow, and then corrected to some degree .

Some more of these paintings are here and here

Friday, June 13, 2014

Chippendale Beach - composition for Wannita

The finished painting 

This block of flats bounded by Balfour St, Cleveland St, Dale Ave and Meagher Sts in Chippendale is the first ever building dedicated to public housing  in NSW.

This is the Balfour St view, based the view from the base of theslippery dip in the little park and play area opposite

just about complete

paint on most of the board

beginning of a painting

This is a loose sketch for a painting looking from Chippendale Beach - actually its two drawings pasted next to each other

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bands at the Stirrup Gallery(Addison Rd community centre)

Pete Jones

 They all played at the Desert/Forest exhibition closing party

Friday street drawing, and the Bar Broadway scene.

Street scene on King St, with Sushi Man's shop 

A portrait of me by Jira at the Bar Broadway

A rough sketch of Jon the Pom

One of the Bar Broadway bouncers, again by Jira(master of shading!)