Thursday, January 28, 2016

Martin Place, continued, again



finished? almost anyway

Behind Rachel's place in Port Macquarie, a little landscape I started


I'm selling this piece to an old mate and attempting to finish it a bit while I'm in Port Macquarie.

Older images of this painting and some of the dramas and weird circumstances involved in its creation can be found here

Friday, January 22, 2016

Mishko's coffee

The view from Buzzbar cafe in Newtown, where I'm )still) having a show

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Bands last night at the Record Crate. 

I was a bit pissed and in a cloud so I didn't get the names of the acts sorted out, and the drawings are a bit rougher than I'd like. I've fixed them now, 


Frontier Dominion

Jefferson Sky Chariot looking a bit like Lawrence of Arabia in a chador.

Neon Hexes  

Oh Female

with Christina Harvey

Icki Sweet


A really sketchy warmup drawing


I'm in a conspiracy mood recently and can't help producing these quick sceches , in humorous seriousness 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

We know what

We know what kinda shit goes on and we don't forger 
But for. Now , we prefer to play with colours rather than mud 
For the moment u don't take seriously our individual attempts for real freedom of expression and u even Use us and our media as baits for other poor silly buggers that think of West as the land of the Free ......
And , Good , Great ! This is good 
We want u to see us as a Non serious danger because We know what happens  when u do ( Mc Arthy -ism ) happens 
  This is Now 
But. Nothing is static , Everything flows 
   The " static electricity " think is a great mistake  Mismomer 
Electrons run to in the state of electrons called static 
The whole , Flows 
Energies are in constant motion and the Natural state of all is in constant change 
Life changes continuously and the fads  come and go
We know it 
U know it 
U try your best to avoid or at least soften or take some control over your Unavoidable Fall 
U are in Free Fall now and u know it 
This is why we see u opening your parashuites , para-fives and para-military tools all over the world .
Desperate attempts to soften the Landing
So , this is why we are content in painting the colours the sounds and the odor of your long defeat 
Observe how the mighty fall , how the petty aspire power and how all together embraced In a Crasy colourfull dance drug each other down into the Abyss of Unexistance by self anihilation .
Bon voyage ! 

Creation by needs

Friday, January 15, 2016

Ned Alphabet and other performers at the Record Crate

Glen and Glenda 

14 January at the Record Crate.

Ned Alphabet

Michael and Paul from the Kitchen Gods

Yamaha Girl- Absolute Patsy

Buzzbar interior

A fragmentary interior of Buzzbar cafe, where I'm currently having a show

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

King St from the Martin Luther King mural

Almost finished

A little painting I started today, the first for the year, next, cars and people and bits of trees, and, oh, possibly a blue sky - pink's good underneath tho

Thursday, January 7, 2016

City buildings from Glebe

View from Grace's balcony drawn in good ol' biro for a change. Thanks to Grace

Monday, January 4, 2016

Kid Trails, Skull and Dagger, Buzz Kull and Agrocalm at the Record Crate

Mark/Buzz Kull sound checking .

Some of these drawings have not been completely scanned - large pages are a pain on A4 consumer scanners. I might try to include the rest of the Skull and Dagger drawing sometime - some of Jefferson and Matt's legs are missing and a bit of a soundbox

Kid Trails, just in from the US

Skull and Dagger

The view from the Record Crate's upstairs band room - a wall with a mouth

Buzz Kull

Damo Litton - Agrocalm, watched by Ant Bannister and someone else

A detail of Jefferson from Skull and Dagger