Friday, November 5, 2010

eye of the snake

Liken to an egg in anticipation of the right temperature to hatch, the old fascistic ideas of racial superiority, social engineering, war-mongering, military establishments, demoralisation and povertisation of the masses for control etc, were always present hidden or not, between the party system or even elected governments of democratic countries. For the last 50 years, extreme ideas were isolated and democracy, we thought, would insulate us from them.

At the end of the day, we could solve all the problems with a debate.
OK, this before 9-11, now we had an excuse to forget all those democratic niceties and let our reptilian brain take over again.

Quick;y we chose a small convenient enemy for a scapegoat and the order was given for all the aspiring empires, small and big, to claim their piece of the pie and constrict the world on a cold reptilian way.

The door is open.

Fascism lurks on our every step. The egg of the snake is cracking.

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