Sunday, August 30, 2015

Niall and Gabrielle

The finished painting - earlier versions are below

Slowly getting there, 

A painting of Niall and Gabrielle I started last year and put aside and have now come back to. There are earlier versions of this painting here

It's still a bit rough, and I'll make it more fleshy and finish the background etc but I'm a lot happier with the likenesses. Newer versions are higher

Saturday, August 29, 2015

First show at new TAP gallery, featuring the Sycamores

If you squint a bit maybe you can pick out Leslie Dimmock in the middle somewhere, as well as Peter Hayes, The Sycamores, plenty of others, and a few paintings including one of mine.

TAP have moved downhill a block on Palmer St, now at the apex of a funny fake piazza lined with restaurants

Friday, August 28, 2015

From Town Hall Steps

Almost finished, I won't be taking it back out on the street, just do a tiny bit more on it sometime at home

The top half. less blurry

oThe painting after I did some more work on it today

A partly crappy  photo - I can't see paint gunk or anything on android camera lens but it's started blurring a section of the image - like a cheap awful Nikon I had briefly. with a hopelessly distorted lens.

Even before I left the house I got last week's sky all over me

A detail of a couple of the foreground figures, including the charm seller who is always in the area.

Below are older versions 

The Falun Gongers disappeared with the chance of showers. If they want to get it they'll have to model for me!

Anyway the ground is almost done, but a bit empty of life, people and trees

Beginning of a new painting of the Cathedral next to Town Hall, with Falun Gong banners at the bottom. They are convinced it will be a propaganda triumph

Friday, August 21, 2015

Outside Rough Edges


finished or close to it

 Rough Edges at 231 Victoria St, Darlinghurst, beside St John's Anglican church. This is an almost complete painting, I won't probably take it back to paint more on location, but might retouch a little at home from photos

On Victoria St, Darlinghurst

I've just arranged to have an exhibition in 2 or 3 months at BuzzzBar cafe in Newtown, dates and title coming soon. Anyway I'd best get cracking on some new paintings as the walls are expansive and good for larger stuff than much of what I have done recently.

This isn't finished, just the ground, it needs plants and more people etc

Monday, August 17, 2015


I've shown this picture a Newtown coldbiter who used to be a school art teacher, but I just got a working scanner again, so here's a lot better quality image

Friday, August 14, 2015

Last Night at the Record Crate

 Louis Burdett and Azo(hope I got that right - can someone let me know if it's wrong) with Geoffrey Goodes sketchily in the foreground

Wenzel Carmichael

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Glimpses of YCH homeless Art

These are some of the images coming out every Wednesday from theYCH Nicholson str Studio , where "homeless " artists can find some means of expression . All are welcome to drop by 
We NEED participation and Unity  while we try to Trancent  issues thru art . 
Make the point that Homeless are people .!
Fight for a fundamental human right 
The one of entitlement in a safe HOME 
NOT just a roof  but a safe ., welcoming place u can call home and have the security to then pick yourself up and Do what you are supposed to do in this life