Saturday, June 25, 2011


Staying centered, remaining cool, 
avoiding being trapped in wars of dominance,
is the least u can do, if you're not already 
physically battling some kind of an authority,
for survival.
  Now is the time for intuition.
Time for lots of personal opinion and 
public participation in the decision-making processes.
Time to stay firm on principles but open to the good ideas.
 This is where intuition is essential!
Time to operate from your gut.
 Listen to this deep inner voice, who's always right!

The future is not written yet. We shape it now,
 minute by minute, thought by thought.
What we think of now influences what happens later.
Taking responsibility for our deepest thoughts and wishes
is the task of our time.

collision of forces

 Our recent stagnation is a result of the collision of two forces, trapped in an eternal duality cage of black and white perceptions. For our western civilisation these are:  (a) the 'Romeo-/Catholic Vaticano' based authoritarian Kardinals who impose moral rules all over the world clearly serving the sole physical interest of their belly and their sole benefactor the pope. Those precious interests are global, guarded by the military order of the Jesuits, who refer only and directly to the pope, thru their one leader...
 Traditionally Jesuits are the long military sword of `GOD', and today, more actively than ever, expand the papal influence beyond Europe into for example the American White House. Thru politics, monotheistic religion , overt or covert interference in social matters, and misreadings of scientific findings, the Catholic lot with each succeeding pope in a leading role, are determined by any means to impose their own model of society based on their own dogma, morals and mundane practicalities. None realizing that they practice an old Jewish technique and act for Zionist interests etc.
 On the other hand we have the Masons, the Builders. Technicians, builders, alchemists and scientists, as well as some artists, came together in the dark medieval years and formed secret societies to protect, circulate and expand the knowledge of the Cosmos that the Pope and the Holy Spanish Inquisition had obvious reasons to hide and manipulate at will. So, they had to be secret and very well organized - like the Christians of the Roman era.
 Isn't it funny how history repeats itself but with another lesson each time.
 The 'Masons'- initially a clear reference to the qualities of builders in stone- Free Masons as they came to be known in the US, as they were not persecuted there, would build the new era after the fall of the Catholic tyranny.
 Their determination to the cause, their scientific accuracy and wisdom, the sheer logic of their argument, the secrecy, the devotion and punishments, the perfect structure and degree of infiltration in key society positions would quickly bring them the leading role in a successful long-term offensive against the Vatican's dominance.
 The Renaissance, if nothing else, helped the masonic ideal to shape Europe's future, and later, in new found lands, the masonic lodges have kept on surprising as they take the masonic ideal to different levels in each new era, adjusting to and manipulating global situations.
"Well it all sounds good but we are all humans"
Quickly the masonic lodges discover that they can do anything with their power of organisation.
Society building became an obsession, and of course all the experiments subjects were common citizens who would suffer under the weight of the authorities parasitising their meagre salary and wages.
In the modern Europe of the 60s people were jumping out of the windows of the flats as governments forced them to live in boxlike apartments in industrial highrises.
People always had suicidal tendencies in prisonlike high altitude vertical flats. But it was the urgency of the increasing problem in the 60s which led to studies and from the studies to political decisions to demolish the flats and rebuilding of 'neighbourhood blocks' of cute three floor houses.
Pollution was the deadly enemy for all cities during the 80's
Greenies were protesting, the mainstream was terrified of losing their driving liberties, but finally somehow common logic survived;meaning:
Cities got cleaner rivers and cleaner seasides: patrolled beaches got cleaner, and all without jobs being lost, or driving liberties being suppressed.
When people want, people do.
Now again people are called to act,organise instinctively and invent solutions,
 solutions for energy and environment,solutions for economy and coexisting on a finite planet.
Locked between religious fundamentalists and hypnotised marketeers,
we'll never reach any desisions and the clock is ticking.
Masses of god trusting people ,leave everything to"Him"; some literally salivate with the idea of total destraction so they 'll go to "heaven".
other masses of market trusting people leave everything to the Market deity.
 the  cleverest of them invest in particular destructions and literally pray
for better returns with more local destructions.
 Both of these big masses of humanity trust their immediate future in somebody
else's hands.Nobody wants to feel responsible enough to actually take a decision or do something.They both believe in "systems not failing".