Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Paintings for the Rough Art Show


A coldbiter(beggar) in Newtown opposite the Happy Chef

Parliamentary sponsorship opportunity

A few of our favourite politicians from Team Australia's government of adults


The same lady who is in 'floating'. She was an art teacher before. I've forgotten her name unfortunately but I'll ask the next time I see her in Newtown

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rough Art - Hail to diodes

View of McElhone St

One of the paintings I'm putting in the rough art show. Normally I'd shoot in daylight, and square it up but I'm so pleased with the diode lights I just put in my room I thought I'd shoot it with them to celebrate.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Poor IMF , Bi- Polarization

The poor IMF can't do anything . It only uses instruments like the Eurobank in EU .
The German Imperialusm seems to wake up again , Woken up .
But then again is it the German average citizen who pushes the monetary imperialistic Agenda
Or Simply once more the international Elit of the " haves" - I have - Take from the Have Nots ,
Following a long installed plan for ruling thru Divissions ? As always
Maybe we should accept the fact that politicians and the whole x " democratic " voting system are just tools of the same few people of extreme wealth and political power
Maybe this system need Re-arrangement
Demolition and rebuilding from down -up  Not the other way found as it is
No Shane building cannot stand on Strong Bases !

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kinghorn View

A view from in front of Rough Edges in Sydney's Kings Cross, waiting for a meeting of the Rough Art exhibition organisers. The show begins next Friday with an opening on Sunday 26 July, 5-7 at 231 Victoria St, Kings Cross

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jon the Pom's birthday


Like last year I went along to Jon the Pom's birthday at the Gladstone, Bar Broadway and the Agincourt. Chippendalians affectionately regard him as a grumpy old bastard. Happy Birthday Jonny, here's most of the portrait greetings I drew over the night.


I can't remember this woman's name - hopefully I'll find out and add it

Gillett and ?, another forgotten name


Jonny Scribble, I couldn't get him to stop still long enough



Rosanne or Roxanne maybe?



Warmup, Grace and Jon's forehead

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sabrina James, Loki and Valkyrie

Theses are some sketches for a painting of Sabrina, James and their dogs I'm about to paint

These images of Sabrina aren't great likenesses, but the bits and pieces of Valkyrie are better

This is a few days older

And a few days older again

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Beaver Fever!

 Beaver Fever

Heaps of fun at a big party last night in the back yard of Celia and Stu and the gang's house next to the park, with burning man effigy and all - the fire brigade put in a brief appearance to check it out but luckily didn't spray any cold water around.

Chas Glover, Stu Olsen, Melissa and Theresa

Skull and Dagger - Jefferson and a guy from TISM(just kidding - I'll try to find out his name), with Doc Marshall behind operating the lights

Stone Cold Fox

I was getting pretty wasted by this stage so there's are 2 Wilton's, a bit of Stu somewhere, you can actually see Melissa and her bass, Farquhar's missing off the side and there are sketchy attempts at Celia all over the page

Hello! Private Property(sing it to death) A drawing I did on the way to the party. You can just make out the koori elder who came along playing his didge, or at least his instrument