Thursday, August 17, 2017

Garden of Earthly Delights postcard

A Card to hand out and sign at the Garden of Earthly Delights Launch on Saturday afternoon (19 August from 1.30pm at the Record Crate - event), with a key to all or most of the Rock stars in the painting. 

There are more pictures of the mural here

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Iggy Pop Cloud


Newsagency Gallery are putting on an exhibition of Iggy Pop to celebrate his 70th birthday. It's on the 18th of August so I've started this painting of the Passenger on a cloud taking a ride to see what's yours and mine

Ziggy and Iggy

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust and Iggy Pop

This drawing was preparation for the Iggy and Ziggy section of the Garden of Earthly Delights at the Record Crate in Glebe where they're riding a cloud. Bess O'Malley was telling me about a Cambodian Space Project rock opera about Iggy Pop and showed me a picture of him as Hanuman -Monkey. So I was thinking about the Japanese TV series and the irrepressible Monkey's cloud chariot.

Bess has an Iggy Pop show on very soon at Newsagency Gallery that I'm painting a canvas for

Bess has a

Susan and Kerrie at Rough Edges

Susan and Kerrie drawing and chatting around the art table at Rough Edges. And old mate on the phone who name I didn't write down and then immediately forgot - argghh

My first time at Roughies for a bit, but now  I'm in the area more for a bit I'll get up there more regularly. Grace is now leading the Urban tour Roughies run sometimes. I'm looking forward to going on one

Railway Architecture

A view from a train on platform 10 at Central from a couple of weeks ago as I waited for a train to Newcastle

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Painting at Weave

2 views out the window at Weave in McElhone St, this one shows the skeleton of the Crest hotel, finished now

I worked out a shopping list today to get started on the large canvas I'm doing for Weave - we're getting them on Tuesday, it's exciting to be getting started

Houses and flats on McElhone and Brougham Sts, I'll keep fiddling around with this one. The versions from yesterday are below.

Earlier layers in this painting can be seen here and I'll add it to the page with all of my Woolloomooloo paintings soon(promise) . I've also started a page to put all my work at Weave but I won't start pasting links around until there's something there


Mural finished

We finally finished the mural in Glebe. Many thanks and a big round of applause go to Grace Woods for her flowers and sun which transform the setting. We haven't signed it yet or taken photos of last minute additions - I'll get some when I put a sealing coat on, meanwhile check out Julie O'Brien's photos below and on the Garden of Earthly Delights page.