Saturday, September 23, 2017

Afternoon Silhouette, and Marguerite Pete and Justo

Trees Silhouetted at Mum's house in Warabrook

I'm still pinching myself at having a studio with good daylight and room to have some paintings out, as well as the studio at Weave for the next few weeks. Today I realised I could try to finish a few of the paintings that have been annoying me

Marguerite Montes,  Peter Urquhart and Justo at the Record Crate a while ago

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Gunnery and other Woolloomooloo drawings

Theses are some drawings I;ve been doing as I put together the big painting for Weave Community Centre. I'll add more as I scan them
The Gunnery and the Tilbury from Forbes St

I lived at the Gunnery from 1985-1991 when it was an artist community squat and the most exciting venue in town. It was the first place I had a real studio to work in, and there was the gallery and performance spaces like the Dome to play around in .

Then an art bureaucratic clique lead by Artspace got jealous, and played stalking horse for Transfield to get their hands on some waterfront property. They gutted the theatres and replaced them with offices and foyers

McElhone St 

Forbes St and the homeless shelter formed by the viaduct. This is a photo from a phone which I will hopefully replace with a (set of) scan

Monday, September 18, 2017

View from the Junkyard Gallery

The view from the from porch of my new home and studio and occasional exhibition space in Forest Lodge. Thanks to Andy Perceval for organising the space and putting so much work into realising it. We're still busy painting and fixing the kitchen, and clearing out some residual junk.

There'll be a housewarming and a bit of an informal show soon

Very windy today, so this is now a gritty landscape, mixed media

Monday, September 11, 2017

Newtown Sunday

A view from the Artist's Seat(heehee) and display cylinder outside Newtown Neighbourhood Centre with the Medical Centre on left and the corner of Wilson St

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Weaving - composing the Woolloomooloo Triptych

Woven -  the canvas is now filled with a composition, I might add and subtract the odd piece but the shape of its there now,  its time to inhabit it with somes birds and trees and a few people, in a new post - below you can follow the painting back to a blank canvas


The Gunnery above Cathedral St

After Monday 16th October there isnt much more space to fill though I want to make a change or 2 and pack a few more buildings in as I start to green, populate and finish it. I've included some details of more or less complete sections below

Most of the basic composition now in place on the 12th of October apart from some buildings in the middle around Forbes St. It still remains to green and populate the space

Starting to get to a composition all though there's still some gaps to fill, and then some birds and maybe people to add

The basic form of this synthetic landscape is apparent now with the Gunnery centre stage. I'll put Brett Whiteley's matches and the figtree near them on the left panel and a few cockatoos, and a few motorways, and maybe I can squeeze in my other old squat at 14 Palmer St. I've lowered the horizon a bit since taking the shot

Some slightly blurry photos of the painting at the moment, with a lot of bright permanent rose, Woolloomooloo hemmed in by the cliff Victoria St runs along the top of. And a bit of the railway

Cliffs and cliff dwellings so far

The right hand panel


After a lot of distractions and studies and hmmimg and hahing I've finally put a bit of paint on the main canvas at Weave. a bit of the arches under Victoria St - not much to see yetperhaps a bit larger and higher than I want, they may migrate down a bit but I've got a fair idea how to develop things from here, mashing the cliff and some subterranean views in this panel with the bay and sky in the middle bordered and bisected by road and rail.

I'm hoping to get a fair amount of this done by the end of next week, I'll post images as I go

Alex and Coco at the Old Fitzroy

Coco and Alex as well as Graeme (Woolley) and more of the regulars by the fire at @oldfitzy

The view from the table outside around dusk with cranes looming over

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Woolloomooloo catacombs

This brickwork doesn't just hold up the  the houses on Victoria St Potts Pt, it will also be doing a lot to hold together the right panel of the Weave triptych, which tomorrow I'm finally ready to get started on

Steohen Corry drawing at Rough Edges

Stephen is a great local artist who draws and makes silverpoint etc etchings and colours the prints. He just finished a mural at Rough Edges in which I painted a few small panels and has a show opening soon - mid September =  at the Wayside Chapel in Kings Cross.

Here he's doing a portrait of Susan, a volunteer at Rough Edges

Dario Chicco, and the Creation of Mick Jagger

People sometimes point out a resemblance between me and Mick Jagger. Dario cut the Rolling Stones hair in Melbourne back in the 70s. He contacted me on Facebook offering me a haircut for a photo, and sent along this side by side image

LOL, what a lark. How could I say no?

Haha, the result.  Perhaps the light is too kind, doesn't bring out the laugh lines. I'm not stopping here. I'm off to see who else can take Mick Jagger photos. 

I might do an Archibald double portrait on the theme, Dario Chicco and the creation of Mick Jagger, with Dario's view of Sydney Harbour through the currently skeletal Crest Hotel

Forest Lodge Studio View

I've just moved to a new studio by the gully in the last remaining industrial section of Glebe thanks to Andy Perceval and Seamus. We've been doing some work to paint the walls and floors which is why there hasn't been much happening on this blog recently. 

This is the first drawing I've done there of some of Seamus's junk and the carpark next door