Monday, November 30, 2015

Lucas's 50th party

In Victoria Park for Lucas' 50th with Grace, Jon the Pom, Matty, Stella and of course multiple Lucases and a bunch of others someone can remind me the names of. All a bit sketchy. Happy Birthday Lucas

Quotes of the day - Can you take your eyeballs off so I can look at your eyes
-Kumbaya right up ya
Can put that thing between my legs

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Neville's court

Around the round table in the back yard at the Record Crate in Glebe (@crateglebe)  - it's round in the sense that a rectangle approximates an oval. 

That's the back of Neville's head, with Iris to his right and the others names I don't remember

I painted an outer space ceiling with quasars for Neville in the bar a while ago. He's got an idea to paint the 27 club as the last supper with a 2 headed Buckley Jesus, father and son, on a wall out the back, once some construction work is done. I'm not sure how many last suppers I want to put my name to - what about a Round Table group with Janis Joplin as King Arthur?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cabaret - Poetry and Music Jamathon at TAP

Charles in triplicate - my warmup

I went to a great cabaret jamathon last night at TAP gallery, with poets and musicians including Charles Freyberg reading some of his own poetry, Peter Hayes reading from Shakespeare's, James Whitington's and his own work, Peter Urquhart playing keyboard, violin ang singing a moving rendition of Janis Joplin's Stardust, Sheo on clarinet, Benito di Fonzo singing, reading and playing guitar and more whose names are a bit fuzzy right now.

If you know any of the missing names please let me know either as a comment here or message me on facebook

Charles opening proceedings, as well as Peter Urquhart on keyboard, and also Peter Hayes and Paul and Marguerite Montes

Benito di Fonzo playing guitar and singing a few songs, as well as Peter Hayes, Sheo, and Pete Urquhart

Peter Urquhart and Sheo

We Are Stardust - Pete Urquhart singing accompanied by Marguerite Montes, as well as ? reading

2 poets

Charles Freyberg by Grace Woods, who borrowed my pad for a moment

Marguerite Montes singing the story of a boat person in a happier era, and a bit of Pete's face

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Harry Seidler Cake - another Martin Place landscape

a bit c;oser

a painting I started this afternoon

Paintings: work in progress

Peter Urquhart playing piano at his music and poetry cabaret.

Various versions of this painting are here.

 These are a few of the artworks I will be showing at Buzzzbar cafe, opening at 6pm on Wednesday 25 November. Buzzzbar is at 349 King St.

Have a look at the "In the City" exhibition blog for updates and eventually the catalogue

Versions are here(next post down), the finished painting will also appear on the political geometry blog

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lips sewn shut and Window View

To do - the sutures


Dutton, lips sewn shut - I'll post this  on my cartoon blog when it's done and also exhibit it at In The City

The facebook event for the opening is here

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Eye of Grace

This and the scan below are 2 fragments from a drwaing I did today at Rough Edges - above a bit of Grace's profile and her glass of cordial, and below Floyd

Made and some of the view from  his dad's flat in the city - this is from the other day, but I'd forgotten

night landscape

The finished painting - it will be hanging in my exhibition "In the City" (facebook)at Buzzbar Cafe at 349 King St, opening at 6pm Wed 25 November


King St,

A view out my window that I 've added too

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Passion of George Gittoes - 2015 Sydney Peace Prize Performance

The Passion of George  Gittoes: delivering the Sydney Peace Prize Address, with a cameo of Lord Mayor Clover Moore giving him the prize and some head sculptures on sticks

Hellen Rose singing - just a fragment


The MC from Sydney Peace institute speaking, followed by a koori Uncle  -who is creating a western NSW Yellow house with George Gittoes - both speaking and playing didge (names anyone?) - as well as performers and masks and head sculptures

Monday, November 9, 2015

Newtown Festival

Bierhimmel. The crowd queuing for the bar next to Kelly's

Some argumentative coppers looking for a fight, perhaps hoping to close down the Hub stage even earlier than planned. As it was a phalanx descended on the PA on the stroke of 5, or maybe 6. One of these guys(head at right) was verging on serious obesity. I saw another one the other day with a BMI of maybe 35

The stage near the courthouse hotel, with a portrait of Luke.

I'd forgotten this drawing, Luke swapped something nice for it, and I found this crappy photo on my phone, which has a damaged lens

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Made and Lauren at Burning Man

Finished I think


A couple of studies of Lauren's head I found in my pad

Almost done


With the sky all blue - what remains is to finish skin, clothes and feathers

Below are drawings and earlier versions

latest version with Lauren's tatt blocked in

Previous version with Lauren's arm a bit too short, otherwise I want to put the top colours
and highlights on.

Here's the painting with the composition fairly complete - after a little bit more fiddling I'll let it dry a bit then finish it sometime in the next few days

Ok, I made a start on the painting

I'm starting a painting of Made and Lauren - these are from a slightly scratchy drawing I did yesterday

Friday, November 6, 2015

Martin Place continued

I started this painting of Martin Place ages ago but was interrupted by a council compliance guy. I've got a busking license now, not that he made an appearence

Heads Dreaming

Grace, Erin, Tamara and Tish having a coffee and making Chrissie decorations at Rough Edges this morning