Friday, June 30, 2017

Sketches for the Garden of Earthly delights

2 Chili Peppers in socks

Various sketches preparing figures for the mural I'm doing at the Record Crate. I'm doing some more work on it over the next fesw days, hopefully get a whole bunch more figures in the scene


A fruity couple

Part of the Sydney skyline from Glebe

Strawberry Lover


Madonna's wombat limo

Martin and Garth

When Garth came over last week I took him over to meet Martin and watch some TV

Piccolo Fragments

The end of an era - the Piccolo Bar in Kings Cross is closing. I've been doing a few drawings to get ready to paint a portrait of Vitorio  - here he is knitting one of his scarves

Roger and Tina

More attempts at Vito's profile - he's got a very fluid mobile face so its not easy to catch his expressions - I'll keep trying

Sky for the Mission waiting room

This is a crosspost from my Newtown Last Supper blog. I've been painting a park scene with fig trees in the waiting room at Newtown Mission to go with the Last Supper I painted in the main hall in 2013-4,  set in Newtown and with the people of the Mission as the characters. 

You can follow the history of their creation on the blog. Tim Cole's photos of the Newtown Last Supper here.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Garden of Earthly Delights continued


Adam Ant rides his blue groper with a red rock cod behind.

I did a bunch more elaborating and repairing, especially around the horizon line but forgot to take photos. Another big 4 day weekend from Saturday adding and finishing characters and this painting should be getting close to finished

Half repaired trees which Grace will finish after I put some blue and maybe something in background


Grace Jones -slave to the rhythm

with Adam Ant and a blue groper, and a red rock cod. Scifi flowers by Grace  Woods

The whole scene on Monday 26th


the pool

The tombstone guitar player

 Extra Supersized Bon and Angus


Travel by wombat limousine with Madonna - Bronwyn Bishop eat your heart out. That wombat digs the clouds

I spent the weekend developing the figures and foreground with Grace whos been painting some otherworldly patterns and bringing to CBD into flower. IThanks! Grace is going to do some more next weekend 

Kangareet, Red Hot Chili Peppers and a stunned mullet

Grace Jones with magpie and CBD flowers and a 2D flying creature

Grace painting

the parade takes shape

The pool

Ambience Artiste Robert Smith

Garden of Earthly delights- there are earlier images here and here

Friday, June 23, 2017

View from Weave

I'm about to begin a painting for Weave community centre in McElhone St Woolloomooloo, a big dream landscape of the area with some birds and other wildlife and humans.

Over the couple of months I'll be using a room there as a parttime studio -  a nice change from my cramped room. Today was the first day I had the use of the room. Once I'd run off to gather things several times, and also to draw Vitorio at the Piccolo I started this view out the window so I had something to show for my first day there

Thanks to Freya, Emmanuel, Soraya and Siobhan and everyone at Weave, and of course, Woolloomooloo

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Garden of Earthly Delights - the figures

I've been painting a rock god version of the Garden of Earthly Delights set in Glebe at the Record Crate on Glebe Point Road. I'm starting to paint all the figures. Here are a few sketches and I'll add painted people and animals as I take some photos.

This drawing shows some figures lifted from Bosch's painting.

Images of the mural up to this point are here 

below are the first few painted figures

a pool scene from Bosch

Pleasure Dome, with centrepoint - where Grace Jones is now balancing - photo to come

Flower ceremony! - from Bosch again

Hank, or whoever it is on his fish, with lorikeets


Johnny Rotten 

Below are some drawings and test painting

Fish Parrot and Lori Kangareet


A Fish Parrot and some Lorikeets

Larry Kangareet?