Monday, June 29, 2015

Alison's party, and Sabrina and James and their dogs

Peter Urquhart and friends playing around the table at Alisons party for the group of artists who performed etc at the benefit for Lapundanda in Nepal earlier in the month. Apart from Peter and Lois, the names escape me right now, I'll add them as I remember or am told(Pete, can you help me out?).

Earlier in the day I did a bit of drawing at Sabrina's of her and James, and Valkyrie and Loki to start getting an idea of how to compose a painting I'm doing of them

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Elvis Mobility Vehicle

There's a guy who spends Friday and Saturday nights - who knows, maybe every night -  cruising up and down King St in his mobility vehicle wearing an old school racing helmet emblazened with a union jack and  playing "Shakin' All Over" and other 50s numbers.

An odd community celebrity who never stops so I don't know his name. But last night he had a CD malfunction and had to stick another disk on or otherwise fix the problem, so I got a moment to include him here.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

White Knuckle Fever in BED

Celia and Ross(aka Mr Liver Achy) get up on stage with a sculpted Elvis inpersonator.

Last night at BeatsEatsDrinks on Glebe Pt Rd

Friday, June 26, 2015

Nadine at Martin Browne Contemporary Art

Nadine Stransen and others at the opening we went to last night, looking at Adrienne Doig's show "Look Out"

The point at which the head turns

A pastel Nadine gave me last night - thankyou.

Earlier in the day I drew two guys I met at Nadine's, Andrew Harris, who sort of mutated into Davros in the drawing, and Lyall in the cap - somehow in my distraction I gave him Andrew's in ear

Andrew drew this horse in my sketchbook

Monday, June 22, 2015

Badde Ma - view from the Record Crate

The view from the Record Crate - I was going to draw Michael Tomlinson playing solo after this but I thought he would start a bit earlier, was feeling tired and hungry and had to go home

Friday, June 19, 2015

Benefit for Lapundanda, Nepal

Lapundanda(I hope that's the right spelling) is a village in Nepal totally flattened by the recent big earthquake. Thanks to Peter Urquhart for getting this group of performers together to raise some money to go directly to reconstruction of Lapudanda. One of my paintings was also auctioned for a few hundred dollars

Enjoyed the show, thanks to everyone concerned

Helen Kwon and Donna Cain

Helen Kwon, Brad Cooper, and Pete Urquhart

Justo Diaz and Jeannie Lewis

A reel played by a minimalist (name?)

Fragments of Peter Urquhart playing, and the MC

Fragments of Peter Hayes reading and the MC(name?) 

Fragment of a quartet - Pete Urquhart and a red-headed cellist(name?) 

The most fragmentary sketch of all - Vitorio, Ross and Vashti Hughes performing excerpts from Piccolo Tales

Charles Freyberg reading one of his poems , a really loose rendition

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Rough Edge Fragments

A class from Hornsby brought in to Kings Cross by their teachers to open their eyes a bit. Here they were asking questions and learning a bit about the life, struggles and triumphs of Michelle, a life-long transgender activist

Jenny the Photographer taking a few photos to publicise Rough Edges. Rough Edges is a drop in centre and free kitchen at 231 Victoria St Darlinghurst

I'm helping Rough Edges volunteers to put together a show of artwork by Rough Edges clientele, at Rough Edges rom July 24-August 9. There will be an opening event on Sunday 26 July from 5-7pm and a closing on Sunday 9 August  from 5-7pm.

You can follow the exhibition on its blog . look here for flyers and press release

Monday, June 15, 2015

Sabrina and Valkyrie

I'm going to paint a portrait of Sabrina, James and their dogs(Loki and Valkyrie), sometime soon

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saturday walkabout

Monster Mouse carpentry workroom

I started the day by going out to Monster Mouse studios who are having a skill share extravaganza, hoping there would be a bit of a general crowd there who might want their portrait drawn and/or a bit of a drawing and portraiture lesson. 

I was not in the most expansive mood because of a cold, so I didn't get the names of the 3 people here, the artist with topknot and carpentry tools, a woman he was discussing his work with and another friend who dropped in to see what he was doing. Sawing wood?

Elsewhere in the warehouse a silk-screening workshop was going on, (the workshop schedule is on facebook), and there was a small crowd participating but the only member of public who came in soon left.

I had to get out and decided to go to King St where there would be a more engaging public

portrait of James Roberts

I drew a few portraits, first Brendan from a photo on his phone. It seems a bit odd to draw from a photo when the person is right in front of you but I did what he asked and he seemed pleased. Next Ronan a 10 or 12 yr redhead footy player with his collarbone broken "armwrestling with Wendell Sailor", according to his dad. 

Then James showed up with Maya. He drew me and then I drew theis portrait of him

 James' portrait of me

King St - the landscape I drew as people went by

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Jam at Stu's

The band briefly known as Stoned Cold Fucks(formerly Stone Cold Fox)

Rehearsal - , one of Chas Glover's cats hovers over Stu, Celia, Farquhar, Wilton, and if you squint you can see a bit of Melissa's forehead and eyebrows

Fat of Pythons, playing on the 4th of July

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

X-ing - Sam and Geoff at Rough Edges

Sam painting and Geoff talking to Kirky(not sure of that name, could someone who knows better correct me if I'm wrong). 

Apologies to Sam for not noticing when you were trying to show me your work - I thought it looked excellent seen at an oblique angle from where I sat. And also to Geoff(or should I write Jeff) if I've misspelt your name

Sunday, June 7, 2015

At the Union Hotel, Newtown

The crowd while the band set up

Skull and Dagger - Jefferson Phoenix and Matthew Bright

2 blokes after dinner in the beer garden