Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Sister Ursuline


This is one of the paintings I started live during the Museum of Fleas from beside the stage. I also shot video of all the performances head on from the back of the room, as well as luckily a couple of minutes of Emma soundchecking. 

I grabbed some stills out of it and now I'm going to work up the unfinished paintings as I get a final edit together of the video of the next few weeks, with lots of added flea paintings. I had to get a computer capable of the work, I'll also  post some clips as I go

Monday, November 18, 2019

Poets at 1880 hall

A couple of drawings of Charles Freyberg reading at the performance yesterday in the hall next to the Catholic Church on Devonshire St Surry Hills

Tug Dumbly and Pete Urquhart, as well as a little bit of Ariel in a sketchy rendition


Charles Freyberg and Alison Marshal performing at the Museum of Fleas

Some mad vent pipes above the doctor's waiting room

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fleas of Past Present and Future - by Grace Woods, and a Flea Mask

The flea drawings Grace hung in the Imperial Hotel for the Museum of Fleas. Along with the other art they will be going into the video of the show

A papier mache mask with some fluoro latex over it

Freeing a flea from the rock! Plaster of Paris

Waiting for the Postman


I was waiting by the gate at the top of the lane for a new computer(I'm working on it now).

Its a good spot to sit before the sun comes out from behind the tree so I started a painting of the entrance to the old carriageway under the terraces across the road

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


A painting I started about a year ago. Its in Mum's garden and the painting is at her place. She wants to frame and hang it but I thought the paint was just a bit too thin and intermittent , and I had paint left over after playing around with this other garden pieceand the portrait of Paul below


On the back porch at Mum's in Newcastle. There's some older versions of this somewhere that I'll find at link to

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Flea Mask

Appalling Paul modelling the flea mask I didn't get ready in time for the Museum of Fleas cabaret last month. So instead I'm making another so I can wear a flea outfit at a demo, and so can someone else.

Thanks to Veronica for the photo

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fleas on glass

The Museum of Fleas has been over for a while, but I'm still finishing off a few of the paintings and masks I made for it as well as editing a video of the show for the cast and to show around a bit maybe. I've just got a new computer which will make it a bit more practical to view and render it out, as well as speeding up working with the Gimp and putting images of my paintings and stuff up here.

I've been a bit slack recently with posting. I'll have a bit more time to do so. And once the video is finished I'll put it up too


One more of the flea paintings I prepared for the Museum of Fleas - this one didn't make it to the show, mostly because it was on glass and so a bit too heavy to hang on sticker hooks. 

I've got a video of the show, which looks and sounds great. I've done a basic edit and once I put some images of the paintings into it I'll put in up online and post a link here

Friday, October 4, 2019

Museum of Fleas paintings

Some paintings I worked on over the 5 day run of the Museum of Fleas in UV pigments and a couple of dark tones

This first one is the only finished piece, showing Sister Ursukine, Peter Urquhart -Urq-, and Vashti Hughes as Mistress of the Fleas. with Luke behind on the sound desk Roger Foley-Fogg can be seen glowing in the audience

It was an amazing show to be part of, I'm currently putting a rough edit of the show together on video which I'll post on youtube once I put some basic titles and credits on it and link to in in a post here, as well as some stop frame movies of Arctic Sea Ice from the wonderful NASA Worldview. I'll put links to the gronky python code I used to download stuff and edit and compress video

(A graphic editor would totally die on my shitty laptop when confronted with when confronted with 4hrs of raw 1080p video, I have to turn everything off to play it in a player!)

Charles Freyberg Pete and Alison Marshall

Charles, Pete and Marguerite Montes

Sister Ursuline playing cello

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Museum of Fleas - final preparations

I'll post a variety of things I do this week as I get some sort of mask and costume together and various other preparations for the big show at the Imperial from 24-28 September.

For the moment here are jpg and svg versions of a flyer design. I'm printing 100 postcards of this, and still have a sticker in mind

Feel free to make a few copies and hand them around

The server won't accept the svg original, but this jpg will reproduce fine

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Prehistoric Douche and Thee Evil Twin

Bands at Moshpit on Friday. Nunchukka Superfly headlined but I was tired and a bit drunk by then and wasn't up for bargearsing my way through the crowd

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Ants exchange food

One more piece for the Museum of Fleas, maybe the last one I'll start. I have to cull the collection a bit for the show.

Ants are social insects with a division of labour, various castes of workers etc performing various roles. Only some go foraging so feeding each other is a fundamental  element of what makes ants ants. As well as nutrients, the food regurgitated from the feeder's crop contains the hormones that regulate growth and behaviour. It determines what larvae develop into, and just how adults will continue growing after emerging from pupation

The painting so far -all blocked out, but the paints a bit thin- under an ultraviolet light

At the same stage under daylight

Thursday, August 22, 2019


Sydney Central station from Eddy Avenue

 The sky is full of smoke haze so I painted something like it in behind Central

The sky was a bit thin so when some raw umber from the tower got smeared on it I took the opportunity to have another go at it, as well as continuing to build up the the stone

Paint everywhere now but it looks a bit empty. i don't want to put too many vehicles that obscure the stonework, but a few people somewhere would be good, ibises and seagulls too

there's paint all over the canvas now! It's a great place to meet people waiting for a bus. I had a great chat today with a German traveller who's been in Australia for a year or so, whose mates are trying to find him a bride so he can stay permanently, introducing him to girls at parties

back to painting after the Museum of Fleas 

 blue sky and sandstone

After the 2nd afternoon I've drawn out about 2/3 of the image, fixed a couple of mistakes, made a couple more...

The first day was both painstaking and a bit frantic as I arrived later than I wanted(not for the first time) and drew it up trying to keep proportions and angles right so there's not too much to fix when  I continue. Thanks to the people who put a few $ in my collector without there being much to see

Cheesecake Flea

Eye-candy flea for the Museum of Fleas at the Imperial(24-28 September)

 Getting used to the spotlight and greasepaint

sketching out the face