Sunday, May 31, 2020

UV paintings

I just got back to my studio after a couple o weeks away, and since I need some better images of the fluoro paintings for the Out of the Dark virtual exhibition I'm pulling together at the moment I got my new camera out

A sign of the times

In daylight

Fire on the South Coast, daylight and UV

Corella and Lorikeet in Mum's garden

Fire in Gippsland

The Golden Flea

Isolation View

Museum of Fleas
(Luke, Sister Ursuline, Peter Urquhart, Vashti Hughes and Ellis D. Fogg sitting in the audience)

Night Tree

Philbert (the Festival) Phlea

Out of the Dark A first quick test render of some UV paintings loosely hung in a model of Chrissie Cotter Gallery. This output is from a rasteriser so it's only a crappy approximation of what it will look like from a raytracer. There's a frame below from one, I'm rendering out a better arranged version with it, but it takes a couple of days to come out in 1080p, and it'll be another week or 2 before I get back to that computer

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Waterloo Night

This is a night painting of the view from Rachel's balcony that I started before self isolation . As(or while?) measures are relaxed a bit I can try to get it done. It's oil on canvas. The UV colours are handmixed from pigments, as I can't find them in an oil paint tube.

Like the other fluoro paintings I've put together of the past several months it was to go in "Out of the Dark", a show Ben Cahill and I were to put on at Chrissie Cotter from  May 12 until a couple of days ago, but which was blown away by COVID19.

I've been refamiliarising myself with Blender, the 3D editor, and will soon put together a virtual mock of the paintings emitting light in a model of the gallery space which I hope to continue developing until we can put on the real show.

 At first move a camera around to create a video walkthrough loop of the show, then use blender's game environment to hopefully create a freer-form viewing experience

This shot is under UV light from my headlamp.
Earlier versions of the paintings are here.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Sunday, May 24, 2020


Another painting I started a while ago in Newcastle and just got back to.

There's some earlier versions of it here

Performing Fleas

A painting I started last September at the Museum of Fleas with Charles, Marguerite, Peter and now Luke.

I'm getting back to it now as I have another look at the video  from the show and plot ways to tighten it up a bit, and add a flea to any audience member wandering in front of the camera

With an added robot light as well as Luke and some audience members


 Below is the same version with a UV light. There another performing flea paintings here that I will be fixing up soon, I hope


sketches of a greyhound I look after occasionally when I'm in Newcastle. I'll add to it when I get back there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Waiting for the Postman

I started this little painting last year and I've been waiting for the postman a lot more during this year of Rona, so I pulled it out to do a bit more

Cut grass

Grass at my mother's place where I've been the last few weeks while she gets over an injury. She's ok.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Isolation View

The latest version of this picture of the wall of flats behind the Junkyard


A day/night landscape of the cliff face of flats behind us with trees and the junkyard in front of it, which I've been playing around with during COVID-19 self-isolation

Damo and Nitsy

Damo carving stone at Newtown Station. I drew this one night when I'd brought  a night view of Newtown to paint on but had forgot to bring my brushes. Duh!

A sketch of my friend's dog Nitsy, who came to stay for a few days

Assange salutes

Monday, March 9, 2020

Geranium Bowl and other Fluoro Flowers

A small pot with a geranium on the back porch at Warabrook where I'm staying on and off as mum regrows the nerve to her thumb and 2 fingers after she broke her arm.

This is one of the pieces I'm working on ahead of Out of the Dark 
(the exhibition, the opening link is here) with Ben Cahill at Chrissie Cotter gallery

With blacklight

Lorikeets in the Garden

Clivias with a few fluoro highlights


Saturday, February 29, 2020

South West of Waterloo

From Rachel's balcony in Waterloo which has a great view to the west of Sydney and the mountains. I've painted a few daytime scenes from this vantage point, and went back to paint something of the twilight and night for "Out of the Dark", a show Ben Cahill and I are putting on in May at Chrissie Cotter gallery with some UV as well as normal lighting.

Thanks to Rachel for for her hospitality, and letting me take over the balcony and paint there

 After a couple of evenings, the photo lit by my UV headlamp(for scorpion hunting according to the ads, or detecting pee in the swimming pool)

The same version under normal light

Day 1