Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rachel's Vista

The awesome view from the flats in Waterloo

 I could fiddle around forever with it but this is getting more finished. Earlier verions below

 I've just started this one, I might do a night view too

The Wayside Chapel

I'm painting this streetscape of the front of the Wayside Chapel in Sydney's Kings Cross for Rob, who works there. The Wayside is a community centre and KX institution providing many services to the homeless etc.

The building has changed a bit since I painted sets there in the little theatre behind the op shop in the 1990s - that was for Charles Freyberg's Saucy Blade productions including of Victor Sheehan's Flower to Furnace. I'm not sure if  that little theatre is still there. But the crowd haven't changed so much. Here are some drawings of the Wayside's got Talent cabaret last year

I'll include this in my page of Woolloomooloo landscapes as Woolo is only 100m away at the bottom of the cliff

The finished painting

nearly finished

A lot of bricks. A few people starting to appear. Now for some colour, light and shade, leaves on the tree

I did this ground on thursday, but I'm going to paint a whole more people into it yet - there's always people outside the Wayside, so I'll have plenty of models.

If you would like to commission a streetscape or portrait let me know your idea. I work from life and photos. Contact me on twitter @subgeometer and on facebook 

I also have plenty of original drawings and paintings for sale, and I'm also currently passing the hat around so I can get a replacement computer

Broomstick One - Making Climate Great Again


A couple of weeks ago using leftover paint I started this painting of Trump doing hands free flight testing on his personal ICBM . When it's finished I'll post it over on the Political Geometry blog.

Well, as long as I can pay for new computer. On my phone I can crop a photo but not set the the levels to show a drawing so I'm only putting the paintings up for now. There's a big backlog of drawings


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A coin for your pleasure

There's been some deays in posting here recently, I'm still drawing and painting and have a growing bunch of posts to catch up on but my trusty old dell running freeBSD is kaputt

Actually the hard drive died- all 80G of it - but it's not worth replacing. I'm currently posting by booting on an ubuntu liveCD but it has no GIMP so I can't edit images easily or

I'm getting some $ together to buy a new laptop and will have one soon. If you throw some coin in the hat your contribution will be very helpful. And appreciated. This is a donate link to my paypal account

Meanwhile I've started a page to put together the various Woolloomooloo paintings I've been working on- so have a look at them - I'll continue updating it as I do some more.

And there are thousands of artworks in the posts below

I'll start posting again regularly soon


John O'Driscoll

Monday, February 6, 2017

suburbscapes, Backyard and balcony views

Chimneys and roofs and a tree that drops enormous branches in Enmore at Brad and Karen's

Alexandria from Rachel's

Martin a bit bored

I went along with Martin to Watters to what he said was a party for artists but it turned out to be a discussion for students and teachers about the privations in the sector post culture wars, but it was impolite to talk about poliitics

Marguerite Montes - tuesday at the Record Crate


The back of Charles' s head

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Rachel and Robert

Rachel and Robert on a very hot and windy evening(over 30C) out the back of the Record Crate.

Drawing at the Hub in Newtown

The start of Australia St with trees and market stalls  from Saturday a week ago.

The Bank Hotel - last Sunday.

My hard drive died so at home I'm browsing and posting with a linux bootable usb stick without a useful image editor and occasionally editing photos on some friends' mac (thanks Brad and Karen)until I can get my hands on a new system. So everything will come in bursts for a bit

I'd started drawing this man in a hat with the beginnings of the scene below showing a bit of Newtown Community Centre when the market coordinator moved me on for being too close to the market. A bit annoying - anyway I've split the 2 halves rather than publish a huge swathe of blank paper in between

Dowling St Endeavour

the ground

This is a version from a few days ago - I've done more since but my computer is dead, and I didn't bring an image when I edited this. (if anyone has a working and unwanted laptop I can install linux or some unix on let me know

This a landscape looking down Dowling St  Woolloomooloo to the Navy wharf, for Alex, who wants me to paste HM Bark Endeavour(Captain Cook's boat) in at the focal point. I guess  I could do that, and damn the anachronism


A drawing of the scene.

I've put together most of my recent Woolloomooloo landscapes on one page, have a look