Monday, November 14, 2016

Newtown Festival

I did a few portraits outside the Community Centre during the festival including this one of Jeff who does portraits himself. I don't often get a photo of these drawings. It would be interesting to see a bunch of them together somehow


Jeff's portrait of me

I also did a double portrait of Nikki and Dee, 2 girls out partying, which was a pleasure, and a girl called Roba. She had a difficult dad and her mum trying to smoothe the waters. The first two attempts were not acceptable,  dad ripped them up with a flourish - not beautiful enough - the first a too heavy line delineating her cheek , the second: "my nose doesn't look like that". I wasn't so sure about that but said I'd try one more time. She went off to make up and take her hair out of the scarf that turned out to be the problem.

We were all pretty stressed, dad was demanding his $10 back and I was telling him where to go. I drew Roba again when she came back, she was on the verge of tears but somehow we got the drawing done, luckily everyone was satisfied. The frame of hair must have done the trick, otherwise the drawings were all quite similar

The dog sculpture and some people outside the hub. 

Glue bound drawing pads suck - as soon as you remove one, other pages start falling out, as this one did in the wind. I had to get a couple of pads of better quality drawing paper for a gig that then was cancelled on me (boo hiss) and couldn't find anything with ring binding

The whole idea of a pad is that the pages stay together until you choose to remove them

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