Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Elgin Marbles Psychedelia

He saw things like it and he Lost it 
No artist of his time or ours could sculpt. Like this 
He initially send his Otalian architect that was responsible for decorating his Villa , to make some drawings from the marbles in order to copy them 
But Who would sculpt like gods did 
Who could imitate the god's work 
Well , in reality , the gods who sculpted them there where just average Athenian citizens ,Not sculptors , taking instractions from Fedias the sculptor , architect ecc of Acropolis 
They where Not made by any gods or goats , Just Free citizens having a party
The psychedelic pass time of the time 
Had a Victory ? Let us all celebrate with Orgies , symposiums ecc and by the way Lets sculpt , let's make a Strong Fort ( Axropolis ) and show off to our jealous neighbors how Rich and talented we are 
Plain Human feel , Nothing godly 

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