Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bad Art and new windows to open

Donald Trump's phenomenon maybe is Not so good looking and orderly but is The Only glimpse of pottential Resistance  that we ever saw in USA since JFK 's assassination 
This ugly piece of art is the result of A break down exactly as Donald is the result of the political system's break down , IF he is what he say he is 
Sometimes , the same ugly piece that blocks the light from fully entering your room Can be the one to make u focus on the little you still can see , So u might Apeciate it more and Act to let it all in 
When deprived , We appreciate more 
The Bad Art of politics , 
Chaotic , ugly and confusing as it might seem still can deliver bits of momentary Ballance 

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  1. We rub the frozen brass balls of of Ohio and Tennessee(and not just there) and conjure a bad breath genie