Monday, November 21, 2016

Glebe Fair


I went out drawing at Glebe Fair with rock and roll star Celia Curtis(White Knuckle Fever, Stone Cold Fox). Here she's is drawing the scene. One os Celia's day jobs is drawing beetles for the National Museum. So cool.

If Celia sends me pics of her drawings I'll post them here later, as well  one I haven't scanned yet.

I'm going to make a Sunday arvo drawing and art party a semi regular thing, so I'll post on facebook and twitter (@subgeometer) the day before if I'm going out, and then when I actually do

Behind the stalls near the Record Crate, and just down from the incredibly smoky churrasco bbq. The nearby shops, like the wedding shop it was outside, totally filled with smoe. It could have been better sited. 

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