Friday, November 25, 2016

At Roslyn Oxley

Fred(at right) and friends on Roslyn Oxley's balcony

I went on a bit of a gallery crawl with Martin Walsh last night. At Martin Browne we saw some hyper-ethereal gardens with Dr Suess trees. All the water was painted in horizontal bands of a light dark gradient(ie light on water), but all the bands same height. And the land all painted in kind of 2D swales.  An odd effect, The miniatures - of similar scenes- were more to my taste, anyway one beer was enough.

We went to Roslyn Oxley where the main room was filled with theatrical photos by David Noonan of performers making up etc, printed over with masks. One gave the strong sense of a Chinese stage demon, another was pouting in profile like a combo of Boy George and Tripitaka. I wasn't so sure about the Hammurabi's beard motifs in the backroom by Renee So.

Then we went out to chat and drink on the balcony.I'm hoping Martin call recallthe names of the others in the sketch

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