Woolloomooloo Landscapes

I've been painting a series of landscapes around Woolloomooloo over the last year or so. I'm continuing, painting some larger scenes to hopefully put together an exhibition later in the year. I'm going to gather them here with links to the original posts I published them in. Thanks to the Woolloomooloo Insider, Andy Perceval, Alex Browne, Rosemary Sheather, Niki Elizabeth, the people around Woolo and everyone at the Old Fitzroy for your assistance and support

Following a suggestion from the Woolloomooloo insider I've put red dots next to the paintings that I've sold and added prices and sizes to the rest. These are all oil on canvas.

If you a place or scene in mind I'm happy to do commissions. I can be contacted at subgeometer@gmail.com or 0401296478 (+61401296478)

The Wayside Chapel 
This is another commission
for Rob, a worker at the wayside - I'll post a finished image when it's done

Dowling St Endeavour
(an unfinished commission for Alex- I'll update this when I'm done)

The old dairy cottage
Dowling St - jan-2017, for sale, currently hanging at the Old Fitzroyhotel @oldfitzy

Streetscape for Niki
Dowling St. an 2017 - a commission

The Gypsy King's house
Dowling St (!!) nov 2016, a commission for Alex Brown

Bullets in the Park
This is by the War Memorial in Hyde Park, so not quite in Woolo - but as a supposed memorial to ATSI servicepeople it's close enough - for sale, currently hanging in Buzzbar in Newtown - oct-nov 2016

McElhone St, not finished - and the flowers are gone for now

Million $ view 
from the foreshore walk near Boy Charlton pool, sept 2016.

Cliff and Construction Site 
from Dowling St near the Old Fitzroy,, August 2016. It's in Andy Perceval's collection

Opera House from the Botanic Gardens 
Another that's not quite Woolloomooloo, tho the Gardens are very close but this goes with the Million $ View . May 2016 -this began as a commission from twitter but eventually found its way to Jim Parnell

Rae Place 
seen from McElhone St, April 2016- with the help of twitter and at the Old Fitzroy I sold this to Col - that's his truck

Cockatoo Lookout
McElhone St, April 2016

The Old Fitzroy
Dowling St. March 2016.I hung this at the pub for a bit, and sold it to Louis This is the painting that got me started on this sequence

There are a couple of more earlier paintings that I'll add when I find the links

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  1. Congratulations on all these sales John. It's been such a pleasure to watch them unfold, thank you.