Monday, June 5, 2017

4 Horsemen - an Exhibition of Oil Paintings and Rock and Roll

4 Horsemen opened last friday (2 June) with a huge party. I'm exhibiting some paintings with Jimmy Willing, Ben Cahill and Chas Glover until 29 june at Newsagency Gallery, 332 Stanmore Rd Petersham. The gallery is open from wed-sun from 11-5 so there's plenty of time to get along and its well worth a look.

 A real photographer is going to come in and take images of everything but in the meantime here's a few photos of the paintings on the walls, starting with me (John O'Driscoll - more here) With my paintings I've put links to the blog posts where I published their creation and development.

Thanks to Bess O'Malley at Newsagency for putting on the show

A portrait of Nadine Stransen with 2 nudes, of Grace and Charles Freyberg. Charles is a study for the sans-culottes in a version of Delacroix's Liberty leading the People that I still haven't painted

Woolloomooloo Dairy Cottage, Real Estate Agent from Hell (Mike Baird), and Trumble's Finger - and these COALition politician$ are going CHEAP, so why not snap one up?

Roll Up Roll Up - Jimmy and Bess O'Malley and the show

Jimmy Willing

Landscape and fire - paintings by Ben Cahill

Man and Landscapes - more work by Ben

Another couple of great paintings by Ben Cahill

Ben's wall

Chas and the scene across the road from Newsagency yesterday

Crossroads - paintings by Chas Glover

Chas was surrounded by floodwaters in the LIsmore flood - luckily his house was on higher stilts than this one

Chas's wall

Jimmy with his paintings and mine

Guitar girls - paintings by Jimmy Willing

Lanterns and Napoleon


Posters by Jimmy Willing

Jimmy's miniature sketches

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