Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wrangel Fingers

Melting sea ice near Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean - the end of the remnant Wrangel Arm - near the end of the 2016 melting season 

 Despite an apparently  unconducive summer for melting the Arctic sea ice minimum was second lowest on record. The autumn refreeze is going very slow and now ice extent is lowest on record for the date by a big margin ~500000 km2 at the moment. I've added a graph of the Uni of Bremen's AMSR2 satellite data. Next melt season could be really bad, the state change of the Arctic is upon us

From Satellite imagery(NASA worldview). Wrangel fingers are at the end of the end of the Wrangel Arm, or its remnants, in September 2016. The whole area around Wrangel Island - at top left - used to be ice year round a few decades ago.  This year the North pole, way off to bottom left had lots of open water at the minimum. Thanks to Neven's blog, the Arctic Sea Ice Forum, and of course Wayne Davidson's Eh2r  for info and inspiration


. This is just the blocking out. There is another melt/ goodbye wave painting here

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