Sunday, June 25, 2017

Garden of Earthly Delights continued


Adam Ant rides his blue groper with a red rock cod behind.

I did a bunch more elaborating and repairing, especially around the horizon line but forgot to take photos. Another big 4 day weekend from Saturday adding and finishing characters and this painting should be getting close to finished

Half repaired trees which Grace will finish after I put some blue and maybe something in background


Grace Jones -slave to the rhythm

with Adam Ant and a blue groper, and a red rock cod. Scifi flowers by Grace  Woods

The whole scene on Monday 26th


the pool

The tombstone guitar player

 Extra Supersized Bon and Angus


Travel by wombat limousine with Madonna - Bronwyn Bishop eat your heart out. That wombat digs the clouds

I spent the weekend developing the figures and foreground with Grace whos been painting some otherworldly patterns and bringing to CBD into flower. IThanks! Grace is going to do some more next weekend 

Kangareet, Red Hot Chili Peppers and a stunned mullet

Grace Jones with magpie and CBD flowers and a 2D flying creature

Grace painting

the parade takes shape

The pool

Ambience Artiste Robert Smith

Garden of Earthly delights- there are earlier images here and here

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