Monday, October 31, 2016


In Greek mythology we learn that Zeus gave birth to his beloved sister Athena , goddess of wisdom / genetics with the owl for symbol ecc , from his Head 
Yeah he birthed his sis from his head 
Now, this mad lot of gods had just fought hard with their parents the TITANS and Won the Gea - Earth 
After that they made man Not much else Other life forms chimeras included where there since ever 
Only man wAs made as a Toy for the gods , mythology days As a slave to dig up Gold and planet form , I'd say 
From the Sumerians we learn that after the heroes Rebelled against central command , Anu had to invent new ways of digging up the precious metal needed for Nibiru's atmosphere 
So after settlement he came down himself and promised to send a genetics expert to make A Lulu . A G.M.slave that he could dig up the Gold from the bowels  of Ge :Earth 
Athena Ishtar Esthet ecc after many failed attempts and discarded beings made Adamu just "right " only to take him back to the designing board for Reproductive ability 
She Herself she named the being after her work 
DNA of monkey , lemur and Nibiruan heroes was mixed 
So she called it 

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  1. What happened to the pictures, Vas, it's all coming up as stop signs?