Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Brash Ice - Goodbye Waves


I'll keep working over this a bit more

Brash Ice is rubble and slush from disintegrating ice floes. There is a lot of it this arctic melt season as a warmer ocean is stirred up by storms and ice melts from beneath. Before it disappears the slush gets washed around into fantastic chaotic patterns by currents and eddies. 

I've just started this little painting, I'll add more images above as I finish it

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  1. Fantastic work and a really Contemporary issue
    When 20 yrs ago I read to my Greek alternative newspaper ELEFTHEROTEPIA an analysis about the Permafrost about to melt in 25 yrs if we do Nothing , I was curious if I 'd be alive to see it and if it would happen
    Now , I see it Heppeninv in front of my Wide Shut eyes and Thru the media preparation I feel Comfortably Num about it
    SCARY not the melting but My Numness
    This week humanity decided to Act in 2020
    Yes we always find reasons to Expand the Date of Action
    We Do Not wanna take Action , it seems