Tuesday, October 11, 2016

FREEDOM in sensual comma

Freedom traditionally is pictured as a strong , tall , indipedent female 
even in all languages I can think off is female . 
Well this beautiful woman is Now taking a nap . U hope is only a nap but history teach us that this nap ends up in REM Sleeping - Deep sleep -?obly to wake up again after 2000 yrs 
This us what happened to the Ancient Hellenic democracy . 
Our modern one , seems to follow the same path to oblivion . 
As a female , now run by officials not citisens , has being Mesmerised by the Patriarchal Wealth and Power . 
Her modern sexy looks embodied by incompetent Carrear orientated bureaucraticly suspended , Institutionslised , endocrinated by the Elite's Colleges - Politicians  is now invisible 
Her beauty is in the face With the great hairdo 
Her mind is Lost in day n night Sensual dreams . She is mesmerised by the wealth of her Patriarchs who say they love her like a daughter but as she really is Not any patriarch's daughter She may give them blow jobs at will No problem there And she does swallow because , u know , u have to give jobs to the proud working class idiots - Idiot : Legal owner of an idiom ( a shop with a house on top - a two stories build ) who sell goods - a midle class person is an idiot - 
This lady Now is taking a nap
She 's lost the thinking part of her head !
 She is standing tall Empty headed , de-bodied 
But she looks Satisfied in her sleep . 
Hmmm ! Till she wakes up to find herself moved over for the Demagogues Era
A new era of Few bend Wealthy Patriarchs and greAt Manipulators 
Demagogues who will turn themselves into Tyrans 
And she ll be described again as an unfinished sketch 


  1. I have many..ode too the god of the was yet too be!

  2. Our hopes lie there To the Not Yet Manifested !