Monday, May 22, 2017

Garden of Earthly Delights

This is a mural I'm painting in the beer garden at the Record Crate which will be very loosely based on Bosch's altarpiece, with a Glebe setting and lots of rock stars and musicians, dead and alive. Lemmy riding a mullet, oh yeah. Iggy Hanuman Pop!

It will start to get a bit fantastical from here on - this is the first figure -Hank Williams on a big eyed jack, there's a whole lot more to come

Guitar solo with Mackerel

The centre of the mural, starting to add some greens

The composition is starting to come through and I've got paint everywhere now, next week I'll get on to to figures

It's all centred on the park next to the St John's church on Glebe Pt Rd, which you can see the beginning of here. I've got a base coat of oil and polyurethane on now. Tomorrow I'll try to finish the late afternoon sky and beef up the midground, maybe add the first figures - Tom Waits leading the dance

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