Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Wayside Chapel

I'm painting this streetscape of the front of the Wayside Chapel in Sydney's Kings Cross for Rob, who works there. The Wayside is a community centre and KX institution providing many services to the homeless etc.

The building has changed a bit since I painted sets there in the little theatre behind the op shop in the 1990s - that was for Charles Freyberg's Saucy Blade productions including of Victor Sheehan's Flower to Furnace. I'm not sure if  that little theatre is still there. But the crowd haven't changed so much. Here are some drawings of the Wayside's got Talent cabaret last year

I'll include this in my page of Woolloomooloo landscapes as Woolo is only 100m away at the bottom of the cliff

The finished painting

nearly finished

A lot of bricks. A few people starting to appear. Now for some colour, light and shade, leaves on the tree

I did this ground on thursday, but I'm going to paint a whole more people into it yet - there's always people outside the Wayside, so I'll have plenty of models.

If you would like to commission a streetscape or portrait let me know your idea. I work from life and photos. Contact me on twitter @subgeometer and on facebook 

I also have plenty of original drawings and paintings for sale, and I'm also currently passing the hat around so I can get a replacement computer

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