Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A coin for your pleasure

There's been some deays in posting here recently, I'm still drawing and painting and have a growing bunch of posts to catch up on but my trusty old dell running freeBSD is kaputt

Actually the hard drive died- all 80G of it - but it's not worth replacing. I'm currently posting by booting on an ubuntu liveCD but it has no GIMP so I can't edit images easily or

I'm getting some $ together to buy a new laptop and will have one soon. If you throw some coin in the hat your contribution will be very helpful. And appreciated. This is a donate link to my paypal account

Meanwhile I've started a page to put together the various Woolloomooloo paintings I've been working on- so have a look at them - I'll continue updating it as I do some more.

And there are thousands of artworks in the posts below

I'll start posting again regularly soon


John O'Driscoll

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