Monday, September 5, 2016


 ! The Athenian society of the Pericles era was not far from the decadent style of our own western dream reality ! 
The Parthenon marbles survive in pieces stored in the British Meuseum , saved from the Ottoman barbarism or enslaved  for profit - Opinionrs differ 
They may had Not survived if it wasn't for Elgin 's extreme zeal for antiguites market , that destroyed him at the end . 
Or , they could still be there aged gracefully with the rest of Acropolis 
Point is that Now they are where they are and the chance is given to Return to their original environment . 
A new state of the art enclosure of the whole area has been in place since late 90s with a new Meuseum and there is No excuse about the well being of the marbles anymore finding any grounds in the global mind 
The pyramids of Giza belongs in Giza 
The Parthenon marbles belong on Parthenon . ! Looks empty without them 

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