Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nambucca Landscape Box

A piece of street furniture I painted inthe main street of Nambucca Heads

Thanks to Tony Stokes from Nambucca for organising the gig, Warwick and Darlene from the newsagent for their support, Guy Crossley for actually getting me there, and all the people of Nambucca for their enthusiasm

I even got a lovely lecture about how I, and all the other artists, should be paid much more - and if you can please chip in to the paypal donation thingy in sidebar.

Here is the Nambucca Mermaid I painted last time I was in Nambucca

A light switchbox outside the newsagent in Nambucca Heads I painted with a Nambucca Landscape and some local animals

The Oyster Catcher Panel on top, finished

3/4 view with pelica and waer dragon

From the othe direction with a Brush Turkey

Detail of the oyster bird on top

The front panel at the end of day 2

Seaward side, end of day 2

Other end.

After the first day - the main panel

Landward panel

Oyster bird first coat

The boxbefore I got started


One  of the prep landscape drawings


Brush Turkey

Another View

The diagram I confused Warwick with at the newsagent

Oyster Birds

Sketch for the seaward panel with Pelican and Water Dragon

Pelican landing

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