Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mosaicking at Bundagen

Guy Crossley at work, adding glaze to the bees for the flower pots.

I've just got back from Guy's at Bundagaree, out the back of Bundagen, where, down at the barn Tim Cole and the crew have been creating a 7 metre long mosaic and a couple of 0.9m diameter flower pots to be installed at a new roundabout in Ryde.

I'm not sure about who to attribute the artworks below to.As I find out(Tim?) I'll try to fill in the gaps

A succulent in flower - unfired clay with freshly added colour. I'm not sure who created the shapes, I added the colour to this one. This is one of the feature the went on the pots

The other feature I painted drying before firing, not quite enough - one of the flowers exploded. This one is a banksia, and I'm pretty sure Matumbe - aka Rebecca -  created this design

 Wattle, and pieces of another flower, fresh from the kiln

Zinnias and a strawflower(?). I cracked this piece later on while gathering firewood for a blaze in the fireplace. OOPs

More freshly fired flowers

The succulent

Bottlebrush and a stray banksia cone. I helped Matumbe with painting these


I'm not sure what these bell flowers are called, and whose design it is

Banksia, post explosion

Bees, by Guy Crossley

Matumbe's Callistemon

One piece of the mosaic under construction, with a hand, Janali's

And again

The middle piece with more hands

Stained Glass!

Mosaickers at work - ?, Galadriel(?), Lali, Janali, and Cosmo Dave


The transcendent end of the mural, with the Tessarae Man/cloud figure, which i put together along with the sky. Matumbe did this part of the Kundalini figure and the yellow one(name?) too

Mo and Matumbe did a lot of these figures

The thinking man(right) and the reclining figure in the animal spirited panel

Panel under construction

Tim and his mum

Tim and his mum, as well as Lali

Kai, Sylvie, Charly, and Lali 

The bottom part of the Kundalini figure, with python legs by Xanthe, and Lotus surround by Cosmo Dave

Tessarae Manwith figures by Tim and Matumbe from local bundagen clay

Carly Sylvie and Lali making up the inset panels containing the dancing figures

Tim and Guy assemble tiles for the pots

In the Barn -  Tim, Guy, Kai, Charly, and Lali

Wattle on one the pots before grouting

Bottlebrush and a native bee

Kai, Sylvie, Lali and Charly work on the panel behind the Waratah and a black cockatoo, another of Guy's designs

Mo in the Kitchen

Tim and Kai behind another of Gut's cockatoos and the banksia

? and Sylvie

Xanthe and Tim



Before grouting

Kai, Charly, Lali, Sylvie and Charly again

Mo, Guy, Tim< Kai, Lali, and Charly at work

Tim's car outside Guy's


  1. Looks like a fantastic project. Thanks for the photos and write up. A job well done.

  2. Looks like a fantastic project. Thanks for the photos and write up. A job well done.