Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cabaret - Poetry and Music Jamathon at TAP

Charles in triplicate - my warmup

I went to a great cabaret jamathon last night at TAP gallery, with poets and musicians including Charles Freyberg reading some of his own poetry, Peter Hayes reading from Shakespeare's, James Whitington's and his own work, Peter Urquhart playing keyboard, violin ang singing a moving rendition of Janis Joplin's Stardust, Sheo on clarinet, Benito di Fonzo singing, reading and playing guitar and more whose names are a bit fuzzy right now.

If you know any of the missing names please let me know either as a comment here or message me on facebook

Charles opening proceedings, as well as Peter Urquhart on keyboard, and also Peter Hayes and Paul and Marguerite Montes

Benito di Fonzo playing guitar and singing a few songs, as well as Peter Hayes, Sheo, and Pete Urquhart

Peter Urquhart and Sheo

We Are Stardust - Pete Urquhart singing accompanied by Marguerite Montes, as well as ? reading

2 poets

Charles Freyberg by Grace Woods, who borrowed my pad for a moment

Marguerite Montes singing the story of a boat person in a happier era, and a bit of Pete's face

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