Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Martin Place

A painting I began a few days ago in Martin Place in the section between George and Pitt streets. I'll work on it there and at home over the next few weeks. If you see me there and have spare change, I'll have a tin you can put it in. Any contribution is much appreciated.


I went today(thurs 17th sept) to continue working on this painting when I was challenged for a busking license by the sompliance officer responsible  for Sektor 1, or whatever he termed it . I offered to take away any signs or coin collector so I could get something done on the painting, but that wouldn't do, 'especially so close to the war memorial' - which I was many metres from, and behind a lamppost so I wasn'tblocking anyone.

Is this for real? No painting in Martin place without a license. Does this extend to pencil on paper, pastels?

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