Wednesday, September 9, 2015


It is Not something new in life Genes are always interact in order to keep the balance ,we call life, balanced enough to keep a collective of Atoms behaving under specific orders and laws for some years,days or hours ,minutes ecc enough to support the function of one particular form ,that we call A  Being.
Genes always mingle with other genes This is Not the problem
Problem arises when a collective of "beings" in their short life understand enough to intervene and alter the existing order Without any knowledge or will for knowledge of the initiall reason that the particullar genes follow particcullar hard earned evolutionary info to keep the present forms in accordance with their present enviroment.
Without this Knowledge secured , it is extremely unstable to change or mix anything . is IRESPONSIBILLITY
THE ANCIENTS repeatedly insisted into the avoidance of creating Chimeras
Chimera is a creature, made by human with genetic mixing to serve spesific purposes
It seems that some time in a veeery looong past ,human civilizations have mastered the genetic know how to a hi degree and where produsing creatures for servants \slaves and something happened
Something big enough to stay in the tradition and Warn us ,Us ,the affected humans by this event ,to Not Do it again Or at least when we do Be very carefull
Chimera is assosiated with anomalies of all kind and destruction by Devolution
Ancient Hellenic civilisation was proud but wary of the chimeras that were acting still and all about the tech of creating Chimera

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