Sunday, June 14, 2015

Saturday walkabout

Monster Mouse carpentry workroom

I started the day by going out to Monster Mouse studios who are having a skill share extravaganza, hoping there would be a bit of a general crowd there who might want their portrait drawn and/or a bit of a drawing and portraiture lesson. 

I was not in the most expansive mood because of a cold, so I didn't get the names of the 3 people here, the artist with topknot and carpentry tools, a woman he was discussing his work with and another friend who dropped in to see what he was doing. Sawing wood?

Elsewhere in the warehouse a silk-screening workshop was going on, (the workshop schedule is on facebook), and there was a small crowd participating but the only member of public who came in soon left.

I had to get out and decided to go to King St where there would be a more engaging public

portrait of James Roberts

I drew a few portraits, first Brendan from a photo on his phone. It seems a bit odd to draw from a photo when the person is right in front of you but I did what he asked and he seemed pleased. Next Ronan a 10 or 12 yr redhead footy player with his collarbone broken "armwrestling with Wendell Sailor", according to his dad. 

Then James showed up with Maya. He drew me and then I drew theis portrait of him

 James' portrait of me

King St - the landscape I drew as people went by

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