Friday, June 19, 2015

Benefit for Lapundanda, Nepal

Lapundanda(I hope that's the right spelling) is a village in Nepal totally flattened by the recent big earthquake. Thanks to Peter Urquhart for getting this group of performers together to raise some money to go directly to reconstruction of Lapudanda. One of my paintings was also auctioned for a few hundred dollars

Enjoyed the show, thanks to everyone concerned

Helen Kwon and Donna Cain

Helen Kwon, Brad Cooper, and Pete Urquhart

Justo Diaz and Jeannie Lewis

A reel played by a minimalist (name?)

Fragments of Peter Urquhart playing, and the MC

Fragments of Peter Hayes reading and the MC(name?) 

Fragment of a quartet - Pete Urquhart and a red-headed cellist(name?) 

The most fragmentary sketch of all - Vitorio, Ross and Vashti Hughes performing excerpts from Piccolo Tales

Charles Freyberg reading one of his poems , a really loose rendition

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