Thursday, August 28, 2014

Job Network recruitment course day3

I haven't got my day 2 drawing, sold it to the teache(what a suck!)

 Hypnotised by Anthony's Quiff

Some of the class, including James(directly under the quiff)- I'll find out the other names

 Our recruitment consultant Anthony is such a ham. And while It's not edge of your seat entertainment, things have definitely improved since day 1, devoted to defining categories of recruiter. And he knows his stuff

David(?) and Jody and someone whose name I'll try to find out wait to watch a movie that never came. At Employment Plus(the blessed Salvos, real faves of mine) staff can't access 'social media', meaning the people supposedly finding me work can't see any of my work, even the Last Supper mural I created, ostensibly as a volunteer under their tutelage

I say ostensibly because they never got the paperwork in order, no OHS inspection was ever carried out etc etc. I guess that means I don't have to credit them;)

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