Monday, August 25, 2014

A very tedious seminar

Anthony hamming it up in front of the whiteboard

How many hours can it take to define the role of a recruiter? (Quite a few apparently.)What does the commonwealth - or at least the carnival of clowns in Federal government - conceive mutual obligation to mean? ...

We were asked for some feedback and some of us gave back our anecdotes of bureaucratic ineptness and nasty bloodymindedness. For flavour, here are my own - having an appointment booked for a public holiday, and being breached for not attending(haha, so funny), and then, a fortnight later, ringing from my sister's deathbed to tell them I could not get from Dubbo to Sydney for an interview I had 2 hours later that day and explaining the circumstances , and was told someone would call me to rebook. Instead I was breached again. Gabrielle died later that day. This isn't ancient history, less than two months ago.

 Thanks to Anthony, our teacher/recruitment consultant of Jonkin Consulting for bringing home to us just how hopeless the Salvation Army are at their supposed task here - finding decent work for the unemployed(rather than collect a fee to impose Rupert Murdoch's psycho-sexual pathology on the poor)

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