Wednesday, May 11, 2016

At Centrelink, again

I wasted another couple of hours yesterday waiting on hold for the participation team. Without actually ever speaking to anyone, so I've been back there again today - at least the telephonic torture service has been patched to my mobile and I can do a little work at home with Vivaldi being murdered in the background between snarky lectures from a female voice especially selected for its annoying quality.

There used to be a periodic estimate of  waiting time but that's not part of the track any more. Designed in consultation with the psychos who years ago drove Noriega from the Vatican Embassy and designed American black site torture chambers, It's our government at work giving us a little inkling of how some other people live, internees on Nauru being psychically tortured by indefinite imprisonment.

I went up to Rough Edges for a coffee after having my phone connected to hell.
Tina Cheong was doing some painting. Tina is going to show some work at Buzzzbar in a month or two

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