Monday, April 25, 2016


Finished or thereabouts. The lighting on the dog coming from a different direction than the background but it doesn't seem to matter too much

Just some highlights to do - bit of light on fur and leaves

Cassie the Giant Schnauzer - I just have to paint her fur the right colour

It's time to start painting in the real colours

 With the background starting to emerge, in negative!

 Beginning of a portrait of Cassie, a giant schnauzer. 

The first bit of painting with some Port Macquarie park and beach photos to muck around with the horizon without actually painting it in yet

When I first got some photos of Cassie I did this drawing This is probably the pose I'll use. She's a big dog with lots of black curls that are a bit hard to make out in photography so I'll work a bit more at drawing before I make a start on the painting. For now I'll keep putting updates in this post

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