Sunday, December 13, 2015

Evolution , Devolution or Stagnation

Your guess as good as mine .
Has B . Obama done anything for Equality in the Racial front ?
Has he done any good work for natives and blacks in USA and abroad ?
Has his presidency managed to turn 
The Tide , towards a more inclusive society in USA and abroad 
Has he left anything for the masses to account for a Democratic gov 
Well , Yes u might say 
The health policy , the famous "Obama care " , but again is a drop in the ocean and an underhanded gift to the private  corporate health industry .
If a politician is to be measured by something , 
This should be his actions and their results in Real politix Whome and what ideas did they Gabor 
Who gains , who loses  as a result of implementing policy .
Who gained and who lost from Obama's presidency .-

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