Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Well , we live in this era where all the fanatics of the 3 basic more stupid apocalyptic religions " of the book" as proudly called , consider as the end of the world . 
Only because of ignorance and not a hint of the basic human curiosity but lots oif devotion to patriarchal autocratic systems that suck their life force for millennia . 
It wouldn't bother us if it wasn't for the manifestation of the dreamworld 
Cognition is The tool of creation 
But faith , dreaming and determination  are also creating . Brains wired in particular beliefs create the Noosphere they like and manifest a world similar to their beliefs 
This is where my problem with belief systems like religions , is focused 
The mental power of human is huge as we understand and finally can prove by Quantum mechs or E M readings and other . 
It is something with the human consciousness that is powerful
It creates the world 
Maybe not just the human but all creatures create their life / world / environment ecc all in co-relation
Everything exist in relativity with everything and everything influences the morfogenesis of everything 
So, when a whole lot of determined habitual religion freaks , wish for a great confrontation that will eclipse this world , because they can't stand the Now as is , maybe , i say maybe they could reach critical mass and actually manifest  it 
Manifest the hell that are infatuated with .!

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