Friday, August 28, 2015

From Town Hall Steps

Almost finished, I won't be taking it back out on the street, just do a tiny bit more on it sometime at home

The top half. less blurry

oThe painting after I did some more work on it today

A partly crappy  photo - I can't see paint gunk or anything on android camera lens but it's started blurring a section of the image - like a cheap awful Nikon I had briefly. with a hopelessly distorted lens.

Even before I left the house I got last week's sky all over me

A detail of a couple of the foreground figures, including the charm seller who is always in the area.

Below are older versions 

The Falun Gongers disappeared with the chance of showers. If they want to get it they'll have to model for me!

Anyway the ground is almost done, but a bit empty of life, people and trees

Beginning of a new painting of the Cathedral next to Town Hall, with Falun Gong banners at the bottom. They are convinced it will be a propaganda triumph

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