Sunday, July 5, 2015

Beaver Fever!

 Beaver Fever

Heaps of fun at a big party last night in the back yard of Celia and Stu and the gang's house next to the park, with burning man effigy and all - the fire brigade put in a brief appearance to check it out but luckily didn't spray any cold water around.

Chas Glover, Stu Olsen, Melissa and Theresa

Skull and Dagger - Jefferson and a guy from TISM(just kidding - I'll try to find out his name), with Doc Marshall behind operating the lights

Stone Cold Fox

I was getting pretty wasted by this stage so there's are 2 Wilton's, a bit of Stu somewhere, you can actually see Melissa and her bass, Farquhar's missing off the side and there are sketchy attempts at Celia all over the page

Hello! Private Property(sing it to death) A drawing I did on the way to the party. You can just make out the koori elder who came along playing his didge, or at least his instrument

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