Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday night

Helene, Bob and Rippi Steve

View down King St from outside St George bank, with Sasha's hair(next to the guy with hat, coat and glasses). Thanks for the donation, Sasha

I drew a boy in year 3, Adam, who was such an excellent sitter, focussed and still, yet with a beaming smile. He stopped his mum and insisted on having his portrait done, so he was totally into it. Adults are often so skittish, sit down without realising they are about to be looked at, that I'm about to look at them and into their eyes. They need to be calmed them with patter, and it's work to hold their attention, while avoiding all appearance of work. These quick portraits have to be fun

Adam with his sense of enjoyment, and solemn engagement, gave himself over, and got an excellent portrait as a result


Matt's mate Frank Pigeon

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